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Mahdavia Academy

Mahdavia Academy is the first ever online learning platform offering Islamic education from a Mahdavia perspective!

The Vision: To provide a holistic Islamic education from Mahdavia literature and scholars!

The Mission: The teachings on this site will be based on the Quran, Hadith, and from the teachings of Mahdi (AS).

About Mahdavia Academy: This Academy was founded with the goal in mind to provide a holistic Islamic education based on the Holy Quran, Hadith (narrations of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)), and from the teachings of Mahdi (AS).

This is an independent project will work with multiple Mahdavia organizations across the World (including MICC) in order to bring educational Products/Services to our Learners.

The Products/Services offered through this Academy are the following:

  • Online Courses (approved by Mahdavi Scholars) with the flexibility to complete them from home at your own pace

  • Course materials/topics are reviewed by the relevant Scholars within our Mahdavia Community prior to publishing

  • Immediate results on course quizzes and exams


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