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Our Belief System


Mahdavis - the followers of Imam Mahdi (AS)

All Praise and Glorification is for Allah (SWT) only, and Peace and Blessings be upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Mahdi (AS), the Caliph of Allah (SWT).

We are Mahdavi Muslims, a sub-branch of the larger Sunni (Sunnat-ul-Jamat) Islam. We believe in the doctrines of Sunni Islam (not Shia), but we believe that the Promised Mahdi (AS), has already come and gone.

The Promised Mahdi we believe in is Syed Muhammad (AS), who was born on 14th of Jamadi-ul-Awwal 847 H, (Sept. 9, 1443 AD) at Jaunpur (India), which was, at that time, a famous center for Muslim scholars. He stands 19th in the lineage of Hz. Ali Ibn Abu-Talib (RZ) and descends from Hz. Imam-e-Hussain (RZ), the grandson of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Promised Mahdi (AS) passed away on Zulquada 19th, 910 Hijri (April 23, 1505 AD) at the age of 63 years in Farah, Afghanistan. Often times, our community refers to Mahdi (AS) as Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri (due to his birthplace).

Syed Muhammad (AS), the Promised Mahdi, neither presented any new religion nor claimed himself to be a Prophet, but upon the direct command of Allah (SWT), he declared himself as 'The Promised Mahdi' and a 'Caliph of Allah.' He taught the true inner meaning of Qur'an and strictly adhered to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once, the Mahdi (AS) said, "My religion is the Book of Allah (Quran) and following of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)". He proclaimed himself as the Promised Mahdi on three different occasions: First at Mecca in 901 H, then at Ahmadabad (India) in 903 H, and for the third time at Badli (India) in 905 H.

Our community members can be found across the globe, spanning from India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Germany, Canada, USA, and etc. Besides believing in the 5 pillars of Islam (Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj), the 6 Articles of Faith, we also believe in all of the teachings of Mahdi (AS).



The teachings of Mahdi (AS) comprises of the following core 8 tenants from the Mahdavi Doctrine (known as the Faraiz-e-Vilayath), which is further proved from the Quran:

  1. Tark-e-Duniya (Renunciation of the World) (Quran 11:15)

  2. Talab-e-Deedar (Desire for Vision) (Quran 18:110)

  3. Zikr-e-Dwam (Constant Remembrance of Allah) (Quran 4:103)

  4. Tawakkal (Complete dependence on Allah) (Quran 3:159)

  5. Sohbat-e-Sadiqeen (Company of the Pious) (Quran 9:119)

  6. Hijrath (Migration) (Quran 4:97)

  7. Uzlath-az-Khalq (Retreat) (Quran 73:8)

  8. Ushr (Teith) (Quran 2:267)


The below lineage shows that Hz. Syed Muhammad, Imam Mahdi (AS), is from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as indicated by the Prophet (PBUH) himself in one of his Ahadith.

The Hadith states that: 'The Prophet (PBUH) said, “how would my folks (Ummah) be perished when I am at its beginning; Jesus, the son of Mary, is at its end; and the Mahdi, from my progeny, is in the middle.”’ (Musnad of Imam Ahmed, and Kanz-ul-Ummal)


  1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - (The Last in the Chain of Prophets (PBUT))

  2. Bibi Fatima (RZA) - (Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and wife of Hz. Ali (RZ))

  3. Imam Hussain (RZ) - (Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH))

  4. Imam Zainul-Abideen (RHA)

  5. Imam Muhammad Baqir (RHA)

  6. Imam Jaffer Sadiq (RHA)

  7. Imam Musa Kazim (RHA)

  8. Syed Niamathullah (RHA)

  9. Syed Ismail (RHA)

  10. Syed Jalaluddin (RHA)

  11. Syed Yahiya (RHA)

  12. Syed Yousuf (RHA)

  13. Syed Abdullah (RHA)

  14. Syed Najmuddin (RHA)

  15. Syed Qasim (RHA)

  16. Syed Musa (RHA)

  17. Syed Khizr (RHA)

  18. Syed Osman (RHA)

  19. Syed Abdullah (RHA)

  20. Syed Muhammad (AS) - (The Promised Mahdi - The Caliph of Allah (SWT))

Mahdi (AS) said:

"Wherever you be, be in the remembrance of Allah (SWT)."

Mahdi (AS) said:

"The most perfect BELIEVER is the one who keeps remembering Allah (SWT) all the time."

Mahdi (AS) said:

"Negligence from Allah (SWT) is forbidden (Haram), and whatever makes you heedless OF Allah (SWT) is also forbidden."

Mahdi (AS) said:

"The effect of 'La Ilaha IllAllah' on the heart of a believer is like a spark lit in a house full of cotton (i.e., it burns out all the cotton). This phrase (La Ilaha IllAllah) has such a quality that it burns out all the attachments other than that of Allah (SWT)."
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