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Editorial (Apr 2023): Allah Does Not Leave the Able Untested

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

We know this phrase that Allah does not leave the able untested and does not put burden on someone who does not have the capacity to bear it. Thus, a person facing a bigger challenge on the path of Allah is the one who is nearer to Allah and Allah loves him. Similarly, Qur’an says, “Allah does not task any soul beyond its capacity” (2:286). The difficulties and hard times that prophets, caliphs of Allah, and other righteous people faced could be because Allah loves them and that is why they were put to test. We read the story of Ibrahim AS and how he was tested on several things and then Allah told him that He (Allah) is going to make him an Imam of the mankind (2:124). Ibrahim AS faced several other challenges too but he AS remained steadfast. Similar challenges were faced by Prophet Muhammed SAS when he started preaching Islam and invited people towards one God (Allah). Quresh, those who called him Sadiq and Ameen (Truthful and trustworthy) became his bitter enemies. They started an economic blockade for Prophet Muhammed SAS and other Muslims. He got injured when he SAS went to Taif, a city near Makkah) to invite people towards Islam. He had to fight battles against nonbelievers and also faced challenge from hypocrites. Although he SAS is the beloved of Allah, he still faced all these challenges with patience and steadfastness. Muslims have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Allah and this includes the family of the Prophet SAS and his companions. Islamic history teaches us that the war for the sake of Allah could be against the nonbelievers and sometimes against our own people who could harm the faith intentionally or otherwise. The people reciting the same Kalimah (testification of faith) were standing against each other and a group did not feel the shame to kill Uthman RZ, Ali RZ, and the grandsons of our beloved Prophet SAS who used to call them (Imam Hasan RZ and Hussain RZ) as his sons. Those who were on the right path (Haq), could not remain silent so they had to fight to protect the faith. This was also a test from Allah to make it clear as to who have truly accepted the faith and have the love for Allah and the Prophet SAS. It was also clear that our enemy is the one who is the enemy of our faith, regardless of blood relationship. Islam survived and expanded into new boundaries due to these sacrifices. When the task is of immense importance, Allah Himself chooses the right person for such a task. We know the episode of the concur of Khaybar during the period of Prophet SAS. Every companion of the Prophet wished to be the flag bearer for the battle of Khaybar but Prophet SAS gave the flag in the hands of Ali RZ, and of course, at the command of Allah. It means Allah chooses Ali RZ for this task.

Once Imam Mahdi ASWS, was explaining the meaning of verse 195 of Surah Al-Imran, in which Allah has promised great reward for those who possess the four qualities viz., those who migrated, were driven out from their homes, were harassed in Allah’s cause, and those who fought and were slain. Mahdi ASWS said three of the four attributes were achieved but the last one, “fought and were slain” will be fulfilled through brother Khundmir RZ. The reason being the fact that no one can overcome the Khatim-ul-Anbiya, Prophet Muhammed SAS and Khatim-e-Vilayat-e-Muhammdiya, Caliph of Allah, Imam Mahdi ASWS. Therefore, this attribute has to be fulfilled by a person whom he called as “Badal-e-Zaat-e-Mahdi”. Thus, Mahdi ASWS said to Hazrath Bandagi Miyan RZ that this is the trust (Amanat) of Vilayat-e-Muhammadiya, which has been bestowed upon you although great people of their times had the wish to have this privilege but Allah selected you for this great task. As mentioned earlier, Allah does not leave the able when it comes to a challenging task. When Mahdi ASWS said that this task will be fulfilled by Bhai Khundmir, it means that Allah has chosen Hazrath Shah Khundmir Siddique-e-Vilayat RZ for this task. In other words, Hazrath Shah Khundmir RZ is the chosen one of Allah through the manifestation of Imam Mahdi ASWS. In fact, Hazrath Shah Khundmir RZ was anxiously waiting for the moment to sacrifice himself along with his companion to fulfil the fourth attribute. This happened in 930H, after 20 years of Mahdi ASWS departing this world. He was martyred along with his companions by none other than a Muslim ruler, who felt a threat to his worldly rule due to the message of truth that was coming out of the teachings of Mahdi ASWS. The martyrdom of Bandagi Miyan RZ , the great sacrifice of divine importance, brought a new renaissance to Mahdaviah faith. His RZ martyrdom is unique and unparalleled in the annals of Islam.

Today, our institutions, if they exist, are silent on the attacks on our faith from outside and from within. Our religious leadership is also silent with the exception of a few. There is no collective effort to join hands and face these challenges. Although our young generation has the passion but they don’t have the required leadership. Recently, we saw the posters being published against our faith, the renegades are becoming vocal but it hardly affects us and we remain motionless in the matters of faith. This reminds us of a couplet thus,

May Allah guide us and give us strength to follow the footsteps of Hazrath Bandagi Miyan RZ in the matters of faith, Ameen.


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