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The Unique Martyrdom

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

In the realm of Islam, we have seen the martyrdoms from the very beginning. The persecution of Muslims began immediately after our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) declared his prophethood. These were the martyrdoms at the hands of the opponents of Islam. Then there were martyrdoms in the battles, and then we see the martyrdom of the three pious caliphs (Khulafa e Rashideen), Amir ul Momineen (Commander of the faithful) Hazrath Umar FarooqRZ, Amir ul Momineen Hazrath Usman GhaniRZ and Amir ul Momineen Hazrath AliRZ, the later two at the hands of Muslims. We see the martyrdom of Amir ul Momineen Hazrath Imam HasanRZ, the beloved grandson of our beloved ProphetPBUH. Then we see the massacre of the clan of our beloved ProphetPBUH at Karbala, where Hazrath Imam HussainRZ was martyred along with his family members and companions, all at the hands of the Muslims.

The trend was repeated towards Mahdavis, the followers of Imamuna Hazrath Syed Muhammed Jaunpuri Mahdi al Maood Alaihis Salam. Mahdavis were persecuted since the very beginning with torture, arson, killings etc. by the Muslims. There is a long list of Mahdavi martyrs as a result of persecution. The Rangrez ShuhadaRZ the two young Mahdavi kids of the Rangrez community (dyer community, engaged in the business of dyeing cloth), were tortured and Martyred. BandagimianRZ said they are the Imams of his martyrdom.

Hazrath Bandagimian Syed Khundmir Siddiq e Vilayath Badal e Zaat e Mehdi Hamil e Baar e AmanathRZ is the second caliph of ImamunaAS. As the Caliph of Allah (Khaleefathullah), ImamunaAS was invincible and cannot be martyred by anybody hence Allah had chosen BandagimianRZ for the martyrdom in lieu of ImamunaAS. This martyrdom is unique in the fact that it was all foretold in detail by ImamunaAS. This martyrdom also happened at the hands of the followers of Islam, as a result of a long persecution of Mahdavis by the Muslims spearheaded by their ulema (religious scholars), who opposed the Mahdavia faith and had recourse to the power of the state, misleading the powers that be against the Mahdavis.

As ImamunaAS had foretold that there would be a martyrdom, and this is the martyrdom in lieu of the person of ImamunaAS, it’s not going to be the ordinary martyrdom, but the head will be severed from the body and the head will be skinned. ImamunaAS also foretold that the battle on the first day would be won against all odds and the next battle will result in martyrdom. ImamunaAS also said that this event occurring after his passing away from this world will also be evidence of his claim of being the Promised Mehdi. The event occurred about twenty years after the passing of ImamunaAS. The martyrdom occurred exactly as foretold. On the first day of the battle, fought between the huge military force of the king of Gujarat and the one hundred fuqara of the daira of BandagimianRZ. The BandagimianRZ and his fuqara won and the army was decisively defeated. The next day of the battle resulted in the martyrdom of BandagimianRZ and his companions. The army of Muzaffer Shah (king of Gujarat) severed the head from the body and the head was skinned. The headless body of BandagimianRZ was buried at Sudrasan, the head sans the skin at Patan and the skin of the head at Chapanear, in Gujarat India. Thus, his body was buried at three different places.

This is just a very brief description of the events of the martyrdom of BandagimianRZ. For more details, please visit


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